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Small Business Ownership

By The JetCo Solutions Team | June 3, 2017

Our company works primarily with small companies — all of them highly qualified and unique in their industry. We don’t work with small companies because we can’t land a big.…

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Offense or D?

By The JetCo Solutions Team | February 14, 2017

Sometimes, you play offense. Sometimes, you’re D. I just returned from a hockey weekend. Our son is a freshman and plays hockey at Ole Miss. (Yes, SEC schools have hockey…

This fuzzy math costs small businesses around $11 million a year - Congressman Hanna

Fuzzy Math of SBA Goals

By The JetCo Solutions Team | November 21, 2016

The Small Business Administration (SBA) is again under fire for how the determine the success of agency small business programs. SBA has claimed victory in achieving the 23% goal given…

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Federal Budget Blues

By The JetCo Solutions Team | November 15, 2016

Passing a federal budget has been… well… let’s say “challenging” for Congress for the last seven fiscal years (FY). It was spring of 2009 when a full budget resolution was…

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Remembering and Prioritizing

By The JetCo Solutions Team | May 27, 2016

The Friday before Memorial Day… Employees gearing up for a long weekend, with plans for parades, cook-outs and events which commemorate the intent of the holiday. Congress is gearing up…

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NDAA Controversy?

By The JetCo Solutions Team | May 3, 2016

shared an article regarding a committee markup of the FY17 National Defense Authorization Act. The potentially controversial aspect of the markup is that it addresses exemptions for federal contractors who…

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Government is Big.

By The JetCo Solutions Team | March 17, 2016

Actually, government is more than big. It’s huge. Targeting your public sector sales efforts has a shrinking effect, focusing your effort and making the audience more manageable. When you use…

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Cheers to this team. THIS TEAM!

By The JetCo Solutions Team | January 29, 2016

It’s been quite a week. As a leader in this company, I’m sometimes overwhelmed by our good fortune. Our team. Oh, this team. They step in, they work hard, they…

Because we also love our customers, and will always be here if they need us

Lessons from Paddleboarding

By The JetCo Solutions Team | December 3, 2015

The water, the oar, the board… waves or calm, it’s peaceful. Good thinking time while exploring the nuances of the lake. Looking outside with snow dusting the ground, paddleboarding in Lake…