B2G Launch Pad™

B2G Launch Pad is a six-month program designed to help you methodically determine whether business-to-government (B2G) sales and marketing efforts fit into your sales culture. Each step in the program is intended to help you determine your internal readiness for a full-time government sales effort.

About the Program

Successful B2G Launch Pad participants make a six-month commitment to the program and move through each month sequentially. Participants can terminate prior to the start of any month if they decide government sales or this program is not for them. B2G Launch Pad is ideal for potential public sector contractors seeking cost-effective guidance for their internal efforts.

The effectiveness of B2G Launch Pad is up to each participant. This program guides small companies to explore their capability to win government contracts and their internal capacity to dedicate the full-time effort required for success. JetCo Solutions' experts provide guidance and information for each participant to conduct their own capture efforts.

The Process

B2G Launch Pad simplifies government contracting into six manageable monthly steps. Government contracting experts guide participants through each of the six monthly topics, with each month having associated deliverables designed to inform and guide B2G decision-making.

Process Grapic

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