JetCo Solutions was started by a husband-wife team who were both public servants – Jon served his country in the Army and Sue trained potential contractors for the State of Michigan. Jon was passionate about entrepreneurship and Sue was motivated by helping small businesses diversify into the public sector.

Jon and Sue began the company with a singular goal: give small companies access to have a qualified, capable, complete government sales team. They knew what they didn’t want to be – the ‘typical’ government consultant generates meetings and makes connections, but doesn’t necessarily win contracts. This model leads to short-term relationships because connections and meetings don’t always lead to revenue. Small business owners are too smart to tolerate this model long-term.

Instead, Jon and Sue decided to cover the entire government sales life cycle with laser focus on the services required to win government contracts – effective research and capture activities upstream, bid/no-bid evaluation guidance, proposal management and RFP response writing. They measure everything, with client sales goals guiding decisions.

Meetings might be needed during the capture process, but meetings are not a measure of success. Connections must be complimented by effective bid writing, research and proposal management. Each JetCo client has sales goals and the JetCo capture specialist transparently reports on progress to goal.

This business model works, with long-term relationships – some dating back to 2009. The measure of success for the JetCo client team is to earn a permanent “government sales” block on each client’s organizational chart.

Our Clients

JetCo clients have excellent capabilities, experience and expertise in their industry. They create targeted solutions for bid responses and they have a strong reputation. JetCo clients are incredibly diverse. They sell products and services, they are small and large. None of them can compete with each other, because we won’t represent two companies that could compete.

We’re loyal. JetCo vets each potential client before taking them on. We want to ensure they have the infrastructure and culture to succeed in government sales, and that they have a product or service that government buys in a large enough volume to justify the effort. And, we do our best to ensure each potential client has the hutzpah to sell to government agencies. Government sales and marketing is not for the impatient, and it is not for whiners. We learn from each opportunity. If we win, we learn. If we lose, we learn. And then we move on to the next opportunity. No whiners.

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