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Our story is not about us. It's about the small businesses who have grown through government sales.

It's about the general contracting company which grew from 16 to 41 employees in two years because of government contracts - and it's about those extra 25 employees who have great jobs because of the contracts. It's about a crazy talented group of engineers who develop prototypes for the Department of Defense. It's about the light manufacturing company making deliberate diversification decisions, winning their first contract, and then building to 22% of their revenue coming from government contracts.

JetCo Solutions' long-term strategic plan is not measured by our own company's revenue. Instead, it's based on the value of contracts won by our clients.

Our success is not about us. It's about our clients.

Still curious to know how we got started? We’ll give you the simple version.

JetCo Solutions was started in 2006 by Lieutenant Colonel (retired) Jon Tellier. He began the company with a singular goal: give small companies access to have a qualified, capable, complete government sales team. Wanting to give clients the best possible services, he decided to cover the entire government sales life cycle.

Flash forward to today, JetCo Solutions is a financially viable, organically grown veteran-owned small business that has two locations (Grand Rapids and Sterling Heights), a team of talented employees, 50+ years of government experience, and passion about their clients.

Over the years, we've worked with 279 different local, state, and federal agencies, including the Department of the Army, the General Services Administration (GSA), and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). We're also a GSA Contract Holder for business administrative services.

The JetCo Solutions model is W2 employees, not temporary 1099 contractors

Company Values

JetCo Solutions Mug That Has Company Value: No Damn Whining

Our core values are ingrained into everything we do. These aren’t just words. We practice them every day.

  1. Impress clients with every interaction.
  2. Build relationships. Be loyal.
  3. Exceed sales goals for each client.
  4. No damn whining.
  5. Act with integrity and respect in every interaction.
  6. Maximize profit for clients.
  7. Assume positive intent.
  8. Laugh and work as a team.
  9. Take time to pet the dogs.