Grant writing

Your passion to serve your mission will be matched by our passion to write winning grant proposals.

Grant writing isn’t for the faint of heart—it’s all about heart. It starts by connecting your mission to a funder’s advocacy goals through expert storytelling. Backed by JetCo’s deep understanding of what “sells” with government and other funders, grant writers seamlessly intertwine your story point-by-point with the funder’s requirements, leaving no question unanswered and a sure feeling about awarding the grant to you.

Throughout every step of the grant writing process with JetCo, you will understand what we’re writing and why it matters. This includes participation in the development and review of grant application strategies and win themes, corrective feedback sessions (color reviews), and explaining our logic as we work through the opportunity. If we don’t think you will be successful in a grant application, expect us to tell you before we get too far down the road.

While we shamelessly like to win, it’s especially rewarding when the ripple effect impacts quality of life for so many. JetCo has written grants on the topics of mental health; career development; homelessness prevention; economic development for small, minority, women, veteran owned businesses, and underserved communities; medical technology; and crisis stabilization.

JetCo Solutions’ Grant Writing Services:

·       In-house grant writers

·       Client involvement in document edits and revisions

·       Maintained grant application timelines and project milestones

·       Methodical workflows with documented standard operating procedures

·       Client library evaluation and support

Don't just take our word for it. Our clients speak for themselves.

"Douglas County recommends JetCo Solutions (JetCo) for their Professional Grant Writing services. We rely on our partnership with JetCo to provide grant writing support, facilitation of deliverable calls and application reviews, and identification of grant opportunities for many of our departments.

In our time working with the JetCo team, Douglas County has experienced success in receiving funding two important projects: one for homeless street outreach activities and another for youth mental health supports. JetCo worked with two different county departments to prepare and submit these successful grants simultaneously. JetCo's collaboration with county staff was integral to the County's receipt of these awards.


Dan Avery, Special Projects Manager

Department of County Administration

Douglas County"

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