The JetCo Solutions Team

One of the JetCo Solutions values is “take time to pet the dogs.”

We attract talented people, and we retain them with a fun, dog-friendly workplace. Every employee develops professionally with company investment and encouragement.

Jon Tellier 7

JON TELLIER, President

Lieutenant Colonel (retired) Jon Tellier leads all capture efforts for JetCo Solutions. With over 25 years of experience in the field of government, he provides direction to a growing team of employees who help businesses sell to all levels of government.

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Jess Schwartz

JESSICA SCHWARTZ, Director of Client Services

Jessica oversees the day-to-day operations of the JetCo Solutions team, including the GSA, writing, research, and capture services.

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Tera Staten 6

TERA STATEN, Capture Manager

Tera works collaboratively with clients, the research team, and the proposal management team to develop comprehensive capture strategies to achieve government sales goals.

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Chris McGann 1

CHRIS MCGANN, Capture Specialist

Chris works as an embedded extension of our clients’ sales team, finding opportunities to help them grow in the government sector.

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Kate Dingeldey9

KATE DINGELDEY, Senior GSA Specialist

Kate helps JetCo Solutions clients through the process of getting on a GSA schedule. Once awarded a contract, she helps companies maintain their contract so they stay compliant.

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Megan Gomery 2


Megan assists clients in the preparation and submission of their GSA proposal, provides maintenance services for companies who hold a GSA contract award, and offers GSA training services.

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Paul Costopulos 2

PAUL COSTOPULOS, Research Specialist

Paul assists clients by identifying opportunities for them to sell to the government. He also uses broad research to identify programs, target agencies, and competitors while using deep research to understand contract level or program level data, helping clients bid intelligently.

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Nick Wassenaar 1

NICK WASSENAAR, Research Specialist

Nick assists a single JetCo Solutions client by finding critical intelligence to help drive bid decisions and by identifying opportunities for them to sell to the government.

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Hannah Barnes 2

HANNAH BARNES, Technical Writer

Hannah manages proposals and writes responses to government solicitations for clients at JetCo Solutions.

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Emily Ferrera 2

EMILY FERRERA, Technical Writer

Emily drafts and edits proposals for clients and meets with them throughout the process to discuss JetCo Solutions’ approach to a specific bid.

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Lauren Postma 2

LAUREN POSTMA, Technical Writer

Lauren works directly with JetCo Solutions clients, managing and creating proposals to sell their business to the government.

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Vanessa Lansdale 2

VANESSA LANSDALE, Marketing Specialist

Vanessa leads JetCo Solutions’ strategic marketing, communications, and advertising initiatives while creating compelling content for all marketing channels.

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Amber Perroud 2

AMBER PERROUD, Finance & Administration Specialist

Amber supports the finance, HR, technology, and administrative functions of JetCo Solutions.

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Summer Rietsma 2

SUMMER RIETSMA, Office Coordinator

Summer provides general office management and support services to ensure office operations run smoothly.

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JetCo Value: Take time to pet the dogs