The Client Experience

Clients hire us to increase their revenue through government sales. They typically recognize outsourcing expands their capacity and expertise — allowing them to be successful in government sales.

We simplify the government sales process for each client, customizing it to accommodate their structure and their comfort level. In most cases, clients choose to have a high level of participation when we first begin working together, and then minimal involvement once they become more comfortable with us.

In every case, we must have executive support and a designated point of contact (POC) who is responsive and decisive. The POC makes bid decisions, informs on solutions, designates subject matter experts, determines final pricing, reviews the draft submission, and provides approval for us to submit it on their behalf.

Our Clients

JetCo Solutions clients have excellent capabilities, experience, and expertise in their industry. They are highly qualified and have decided to sell to government. None of our clients can compete because we won’t represent two companies that could be competitors. If we don’t think you will be successful in government, expect us to tell you.

Clients that maximize our services provide the following resources to support government sales:

  • Designate a responsive point of contact and ensure they have executive support for this effort
  • Provide information for infrastructure activities
  • Provide input for B2G marketing strategies
  • Respond quickly to opportunities to determine bid/no-bid and to authorize submissions
  • Respond quickly to requests for pricing and assets required for bid responses; quickly review written proposals prior to submission

The results speak volumes. JetCo Solutions has won over $8 billion in contract awards for clients – and 98% of the wins are for small business clients.

Our clients have won over 640 contracts with 279 different local, state, and federal agencies, including the Department of the Army, the General Services Administration (GSA), and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).