Federal Action Plan

Your Federal Action Plan gives you the information, strategies, and evaluation recommendations to launch an effective and comprehensive business to government (B2G) capture and marketing plan.

Your Federal Action Plan is the platform of your internal capture team to use in their strategy development and tactical outreach.

It is organized into four key sections, with exhibits containing supporting data.

  • Situation Analysis: With your input regarding your industry, NAICS, PSC, key differentiators, and potential areas for improvement, we develop a customized situation analysis to effectively target federal audiences, understand competitors, and identify critical issues.
  • Sales and Marketing Assessment: With your input regarding your current marketing environment, we provide an assessment of the current product positioning compared with the likely expectation of the target audience. The resulting gap analysis is intuitive regarding sales and marketing strategies.
  • Tactical Marketing Strategies: Based on the information learned in the Situation Analysis and the Sales and Marketing Assessment, we identify the likely hot buttons of contracting officers and likely end-users. Then, we match these with your known strengths. In addition, we detail outreach vehicles required and provide high-level guidance on the content each should contain. This section also contains contracting agency targets and recommendations regarding outreach and connectivity with these targets.
  • Implementation Evaluation: This section guides you on how to evaluate the effectiveness of the efforts, building infrastructure for measurement and recommendations regarding key metrics.

Your Federal Action Plan requires your involvement and collaboration. Plan to spend 60 minutes on a targeted, focused phone call with the JetCo Solutions team in order to kick off the project. After our team digs in, we likely have follow-up questions, which we consolidate and address during a follow-up status call.

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