Pursuing a goverment contract?

We'll write your winning bid response.

Pursuing a government contract?

We'll write your winning bid response.


With 448 agencies at the federal level alone, it's easy to lose focus and waste time. It's time to focus your government sales efforts.


We hunt down information. We dig deeper. We help clients overcome information barriers. We take the "challenge accepted" approach. And we love it.


Our team has helped clients win over 640 contracts, resulting in more than $6 billion in contract awards from local, state, federal, and defense agencies.

Pursuing a government contract?

We'll write your winning bid response.

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JetCo Clients Win Government Contracts.

Our success is not about us. It's about the small businesses which have grown through government sales. It's about the general contracting company which grew from 16 to 41 employees in two years because of government contracts - and it's about those extra 25 employees who have great jobs because of the contracts. It's about a crazy talented group of engineers who develop prototypes for the Department of Defense. It's about the light manufacturing company making deliberate diversification decisions, winning their first contract, and then building to 22% of their revenue coming from government contracts.

JetCo Solutions' long-term strategic plan is not measured by our own company's revenue. Instead, it's based on the value of contracts won by our clients.

Businesses Across USA

Increasing Your Revenue Through Government Sales.

We simplify the government sales process for you, customizing it to accommodate your structure and your comfort level. Our clients span across the United States and work in sectors from engineering and construction to print and design.

"Through JetCo's capture services, our company has been introduced to numerous government opportunities. JetCo's assistance in breaking into the government contracting sector has lead to the development of valuable and necessary bid assets and contract wins over $3 million in the past year." - President, JetCo Client

Our Services

Capture (Government Business Development)

JetCo Solutions becomes your embedded government sales and marketing team, making sophisticated capture services available to you. Our clients win government contracts. Lots of them.


Without the correct research tools and talent to identify the right target audience and solicitations, opportunities are missed. JetCo Solutions provides data-driven tools and resources to help you focus your government sales effort.

Proposal Management & Bid Writing

Finding bid and writing responses is time consuming and requires talent. We can help. JetCo Solutions manages proposals and writes effective bid responses for a variety of clients.

Grant Writing

Grant writing isn't for the faint of heart - it's all about the heart. Backed by JetCo's deep understanding of what "sells" with government and other funders, grant writers seamlessly intertwine your story with the funder's requirements.

B2G Launch Pad™

B2G Launch Pad is a six-month program designed to help you methodically determine whether business-to-government (B2G) sales and marketing efforts fit into your sales culture. Each step in the program is intended to help you determine your internal readiness for a full-time government sales effort.

Federal Focus Report

The federal government is a massive potential customer. With so many access points, it's difficult to focus efforts wisely. Your Federal Focus Report gives you the intel needed to focus your government sales efforts.

"After engaging with JetCo, we quickly landed the largest piece of business our organization ever had for a state government. JetCo created a content library that helped us respond quickly to future RFPs and sourced new opportunities using their resources. I highly recommend JetCo as their sales partner to anyone interested in doing government business." - Managing Partner, JetCo Client

JetCo Solutions Honored at Michigan Celebrates Awards Gala

JetCo Solutions, a highly regarded consulting firm for government sales, has been recognized as the 2023 awardee for Veteran Owned Small Business of the Year presented by Michigan Celebrates Small Business. JetCo Solutions was acknowledged on stage at the in-person awards ceremony during the 19th Annual Michigan Celebrates Small Business Gala on May 2, 2023.

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JetCo has read more government contracts than Oprah has self-help books. Seriously, we’ve read thousands of government contracts from hundreds of agencies. With our expertise and extensive knowledge of the requirements in those contracts, we have created a valid process to build Bid Asset Libraries for clients, in any industry, that are filled with the frequently required items for bid responses.