Our Services

Government sales integrates proactive capture strategy, research, writing, proposal management, tracking systems, and implementation. Efforts that lack any of these critical elements are less successful. Government sales is challenging. With 448 government agencies at the federal level alone, it is easy to lose focus and waste time.

JetCo Solutions serves as an embedded government sales and marketing team for our clients.

Clients receive ongoing support spanning the entire government sales and marketing life cycle, including capture, research, bid search engines, bid/no-bid evaluation guidance, bid writing, proposal management, and post-submission support.

Our success is not about us. It’s about our clients. Let us help you be successful in government sales.

Capture (Government Business Development)

Government contracting is complex with multiple access points. Lack of focused effort ends in wasted time and lost bids. We give it our all. JetCo Solutions becomes your embedded government sales and marketing team, making sophisticated capture services available to you. Our clients win government contract. Lots of them.

Proposal Management and Bid Writing

Finding bid and writing responses is time consuming and requires talent. We can help. JetCo Solutions manages proposals and writes effective bid responses for a variety of clients.


Evidence must guide capture efforts and bid decisions. Without the correct research tools and talent to identify the right target audience and solicitations, opportunities are missed. We make it simple. JetCo Solutions provides data-driven tools and resources to help you focus your government sales effort.


Not everyone needs a GSA schedule for government sales. We candidly determine whether you need one - and if so, which one is right for you. Then, we streamline the complex submission process, saving you time and frustration