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Capture (Government Business Development)

Government contracting is complex.

With 448 government agencies at the federal level alone, it's easy to lose focus and waste time. Using our capture services, we'll guide you throughout the entire government sales and marketing life cycle, becoming an embedded team for your company.

Capture = government business development. Working with us, clients expand their in-house capabilities and capacity. We have:

  • Connections with Department of Defense and federal agency officials as well as prime contractors
  • Program knowledge of the defense industry
  • Credibility among decision makers
  • A strong network of highly qualified businesses
  • Over 50 years of government experience

Our capture services are integrated and include:

  • Coordination of capture plans and direction for research and proposal teams
  • Extended level of research and insight into government
  • Proposal management and strategy development
  • Bid writing
  • Post-submission support
  • Opportunity assessment
  • Pre-Request for Proposal (RFP) activities

We set sales goals and give our clients confidence and peace of mind when selling to the government.

Collectively, JetCo Solutions' clients have received more than $4 billion in contract awards with 278 different local, state, and federal defense agencies. Focus on your business and what you do best. Let us take care of your government sales and marketing.

JetCo Value: Impress clients with every interaction

We evaluate our Capture Specialists on their ability to impress clients and achieve sales goals

Our success is not about us. It's about our clients.

JetCo Solutions clients have excellent capabilities, experience, and expertise in their industry. They are highly-qualified and come to us ready to bid competitively and develop customized, agency-centric solutions. If we don’t think you will be successful in government, expect us to tell you.

Hire us so your competitors cannot.

We are loyal to our clients - we do not work with our clients' competitors. Recognizing the capture begins with data and connectivity and succeeds with effective research and proposal management, our fees are structured to include research and proposal management. We have a reasonable monthly fee along with commission. Our pricing model only works when we win.


Client Success Story

JetCo Solutions was hired to initiate a national flooring contractor's government sales effort. This collaboration resulted in $3.6 million in contract wins.

"After engaging with JetCo, we quickly landed the largest piece of business our organization ever had for a state government. JetCo created a content library that helped us respond quickly to future RFPs and sourced new opportunities using their resources. I highly recommend JetCo as their sales partner to anyone interested in doing government business."

- Managing Partner, JetCo Client since 2016