Proposal Management and Bid Writing

Finding bids and writing responses is intimidating, time-consuming, and requires talent. Generic writing won’t make the cut in government sales. We can help. JetCo Solutions' services include proposal management and effective bid writing for all types of government solicitations.

Our clients win contracts. Lots of them. We’re talking a 62% win-rate with over 640 contract wins from 279 different agencies resulting in over $8 billion for our clients.

With JetCo Solutions, you get:

  • Proposal development, formatting, editing, and infographic development
  • Methodical workflows with documented standard operating procedures
  • Color team reviews
  • In-house volume management and bid assembly
  • Client involvement in win theme development and red review
  • Support for capture activities to ensure consistency of messaging in the proposal phase

We know our clients, their voice, and their differentiators.

Along every step of the process, we ensure you understand what we’re writing and why it matters. This includes in-depth kickoffs, solutioning calls, and explaining our logic as we work through a bid.

The JetCo Solutions team deciphers solicitations, refines messages, and addresses proposal specifics while keeping it simple for you. Our bid cycle includes a total of 23 steps, and only seven of those steps involve the client.

We're also loyal to our clients and do not work with our clients' competitors.

We translate rocket science, elevator repairs, and construction services for the government, but we also translate the government sales and proposal writing process for the clients themselves.

Our success is not about us. It's about our clients. JetCo Solutions clients have excellent capabilities, experience, and expertise in their industry. They are highly-qualified and come to us ready to bid competitively and develop customized, agency-centric solutions. If we don’t think you will be successful in government, expect us to tell you.

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