Case Studies

metal treatment

Case Study: Metal Treatment Company

By The JetCo Solutions Team

A metal treatment company contracted JetCo Solutions to perform an intensive government market study to identify potential areas for sales growth and diversification. This market study included forecasted sales volumes, the identification of innovations in market sectors, and the development of sales leads.

data chip of computer

Case Study: Electrical and Electronic Manufacturer

By The JetCo Solutions Team

An electrical and electronic manufacturer came to JetCo Solutions in 2013 looking to sell its technology to the government. In their time with JetCo, this client has won many contracts at the federal level, allowing them to expand their capabilities and improve their technology.

ladies talking on headset in business

Case Study: Professional Services Company

By The JetCo Solutions Team

A Professional Services company approached JetCo to help them through the application process they were relying on JetCo to not only guide and support them but ensure they would be awarded as quick as possible knowing that it can be a long process.

brain scans

Case Study: Medical Imaging Equipment and Services Provider

By The JetCo Solutions Team

A medical imaging equipment and services provider came to JetCo in early 2020 to break into the world of government contracting. This client had the products and services the government was pursuing, however, they needed JetCo’s expertise in government sales to effectively compete.

Research and Development

Case Study: Research and Development Firm

By The JetCo Solutions Team

A Research and Development firm came to JetCo Solutions in 2020 for assistance writing and editing a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) submission for NASA. They needed help compiling a commercialization strategy that was tailored specifically for the government market for a submission that was due in a few weeks.

Automation Company

Case Study: Automation Company

By The JetCo Solutions Team

We identified an Army Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase I topic of interest that appeared to be a good fit for our client specializing in automation. After reading through the topic carefully to discern the objective, it was determined that this opportunity fit our growth strategy and our client had the right capabilities to develop an innovative technical approach.