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Case Studies

Case Study: Medical Imaging Equipment and Services Provider

By Emily Ferrera

One of our clients, a medical imaging equipment and services provider, began their relationship with JetCo Solutions in early 2020. Since their initial onboarding, the client has secured multiple high-volume contracts for a range of medical imaging products and services with recognized agencies including the U.S. Air Force, the Bureau of Prisons, and numerous state and local agencies nationwide.

Case Study: Engineering and Manufacturing Firm

By Lauren Postma

An engineering and manufacturing firm was looking to break into the government contracting business. After another metal tooling company told them about the successes they were having with JetCo, this company decided to take the plunge.

Case Study: Abrasives Manufacturing Company

By Emily Ferrera

A manufacturing company providing abrasive products and services came to JetCo Solutions needing assistance in consolidating data on multiple companies it had acquired and currently manages. This data was needed for the client to develop a strategy to approach government contracting and market their subsidiaries efficiently due to the wide range of skillsets and geographic locations of each entity.

Case Study: Construction Firm

By Lauren Postma

A dynamic contracting and construction firm worked with the JetCo Solutions team to pursue government contracts. After several discussions, our team recommended that the client pursue a GSA Schedule for a chance at a wider market and new contract vehicle.

Case Study: Event Management Company

By Lauren Postma

An event management company came to JetCo Solutions to help keep their incumbency on a government project. While they had a strong history with the agency, they needed help responding to the updated solicitation. Having worked with JetCo Solutions in the past, they trusted us to handle this expanded solicitation.

Case Study: Architecture and Engineering Firm

By Emily Ferrera

A specialized architecture and engineering firm contacted JetCo Solutions to break into the world of government contracting. Wanting to further develop their partnerships, they needed guidance on qualified companies to develop professional connections with.