Case Study: Professional Services Company

Client Relationship Overview

Navigating the complex process of submitting a General Services Administration (GSA) Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) application can be a large task for companies to take on. When a small, diverse, Professional Services company approached JetCo Solutions to help them through the application process, they needed guidance and support. Along with that, they were looking for assurance that they would be awarded as quick as possible knowing that it can be a long process.


The biggest obstacle for many companies when gathering and developing all the assets required to submit a GSA MAS application is accepting that government requirements can seem wildly unnecessary. Most companies are used to the flexibility in the commercial market, and this challenge was no different for this client. The client had the experience in performing the offered services, however, their experience came from their employees, not the company itself. This makes the process a little more difficult in proving their capabilities and providing pricing support to back up their proposed pricing for the services they wanted to offer.


Although this challenge complicated the process and even resulted in the rejection of the first offer, JetCo Solutions worked with not only the client, but also their assigned contracting officer to understand what exactly GSA needed for their next submission to be approved. JetCo Solutions took the feedback from GSA and helped the client develop the additional necessary assets to submit their follow up application.


Providing the requested detailed information and cost breakdowns was exactly what GSA needed to push the client’s application through to negotiations, and finally to an awarded contract for our client. JetCo Solutions was there for every step through the application process and continued to support the client through post award activities. The client was incredibly happy to start expanding their sales with their GSA contract and let JetCo Solutions know we were a crucial part in getting the client awarded.

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