Case Study: Electrical and Electronic Manufacturer

Client Relationship Overview

An electrical and electronic manufacturer came to JetCo Solutions looking to sell its technology to the government. In their time with JetCo, this client has won many contracts at the federal level, allowing them to expand their capabilities and improve their technology.


Following their success in winning government contracts and their subsequent growth, the client sought to expand its commercial business by tapping into higher value sales. These higher value sales require written proposals that are submitted to prospective customers—similar in scope to the government proposals JetCo writes for the client. The client, however, struggled to find the time needed to write an effective proposal.


Impressed by JetCo’s success at managing winning proposals, the client inquired on utilizing JetCo’s expertise in its commercial proposals. The client’s Capture agreement was restructured to accommodate for commercial proposals, and JetCo has now become an integral part in the client’s commercial business.


JetCo incorporated its experience in managing the client’s government proposals into their commercial proposals. JetCo’s familiarity with the client’s services and win themes have strengthened the client’s commercial proposals and led to an increase in commercial sales. This increase in commercial sales has also enabled the client to pursue larger government contracts that they previously did not have the capabilities to pursue.

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