Case Study: Metal Treatment Company

Client Relationship Overview & Challenge

A metal treatment company contracted JetCo Solutions to perform an intensive government market study to identify potential areas for sales growth and diversification. This market study included forecasted sales volumes, the identification of innovations in market sectors, and the development of sales leads.


Our team provided detailed sales volumes for a 10-year period, clearly showing market trends in various government and commercial sectors. In addition, our researchers identified target government agencies, outlined key agency and program priorities and objectives, and interviewed high-level government staff. These were done to gain a deep understanding of the purchasing history and trends of metal treatments and its use in the government community. Different opportunities, people, and agencies were identified to create sales leads both inside and outside the government to enter this marketplace. All sources were documented and provided for continued review to keep abreast of the government landscape.  


In addition to detailed sales volumes, our deliverable included a debrief of research to executive staff and a detailed report for further reference and review. JetCo Solutions didn’t just deliver the information, we provided the tools to educate the client to make successful business decisions. 

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