Case Study: Medical Imaging Equipment and Services Provider

Client Relationship Overview

A medical imaging equipment and services provider came to JetCo to break into the world of government contracting. This client had the products and services the government was pursuing, however, they needed JetCo’s expertise in government sales to effectively compete.


The client had the necessary experience and capability but was looking to find solicitations more catered to their hard-earned medical imaging accreditations and industry certifications. These certifications were differentiators that would make the client stand out in evaluation. JetCo needed to help the client influence future solicitation requirements to highlight the many qualities they had that were often overlooked by contracting officers.


JetCo Solutions provided guidance by identifying Sources Sought opportunities for the client to respond to. They used these responses to suggest specific requirements they knew they could meet or exceed on future solicitations that other businesses could not. The client worked with our Proposal Management team to curate capability statements and present relevant data aimed at informing contracting officers and shaping the requirements of future solicitations in our favor.


JetCo helped lay the foundation for a competitive industry standard that favored our client. Our team acted as the bridge to contracting officers to curate future bids the client could successfully submit to. We continue to set the industry standard high and exceed the minimum qualifications on many active bids because of these catered Sources Sought submissions.

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