Proposal Writing Services Grant Program

Are you a Michigan-based company looking to write a bid response to a Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, or General Services Administration Schedule contract opportunity? If so, you may qualify for a grant from the Michigan Defense Center (MDC) Proposal Writing Services grant program.

Grant funds from the MDC fund the cost of proposal writing services contracted through one of the Michigan Economic Development Center pre-qualified proposal writing firms, which includes JetCo Solutions. The MDC offers to cover up to 50% of the service cost, up to $10,000.

The Grant Process

  1. Applicants coordinate with the MDC prior to hiring a proposal writing firm.
  2. Complete the online grant application by selecting one of your saved bid opportunities at
  3. Your eligibility will be determined within 48 hours.
  4. If approved, contract with one of the pre-qualified proposal writing providers.
  5. Submit payment to the proposal writing provider and the MDC will release appropriated grant funds directly to the vendor.
  6. Request and receive a federal contract debrief indicating either win or loss of contract award.
  7. Notify the MDC of the final outcome.
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JetCo Solutions - Pre-Qualified Proposal Writing Firm

JetCo Solutions is the only Michigan-based company qualified to write bids for the MDC Proposal Writing Services grant program. Using our proposal management services, we’ll help you write a winning bid for a Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, or General Services Administration Schedule contract opportunity.

Why JetCo Solutions?

  • We don’t have a “one size fits all” model. Our services are tailored to each individual company.
  • We’ve helped clients win over 640 contracts from 279 different government agencies.
  • We keep it simple. Our bid cycle includes 23 steps, and only seven steps involve the client.
  • We do in-depth kickoffs and solutioning calls to ensure you understand what we’re writing and why it matters.
  • Our writers are W2 employees, not 1099 contractors. They are experts in bid writing and have been trained on proposal management best practices.
  • We adhere to the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP) best practices for processes.
  • We have in-house volume management and bid assembly.

A Proven Record to Help You Win Contracts

  • $6 billion in contract wins for our clients
  • 98% of our contract wins went to small business clients
  • 84% win-rate through the Michigan Defense Center program
  • $495 million in contract wins for Michigan Defense Center clients

Next Steps

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