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GSA Application, Submission, and Maintenance

Determining if you need a GSA schedule can be complex.

If you need one, the process can be time consuming and resource intensive. JetCo Solutions candidly determines whether you need a GSA schedule – and if so, which one is right for you. Then, we streamline the complex submission process, saving you time and frustration. Our services include:

  • New schedules, schedule sales and marketing, and schedule maintenance support
  • Contractor Assistance Visit preparation
  • Price-to-win (PTW) support, including determination of basis for award
  • Post-award support

Throughout the entire GSA application and submission process, we are transparent with our clients.

The GSA application can be unpredictable. We help combat this through concise communication and the relationships we’ve built with contracting officers. We have answers to the questions you might not know you have.

But our services don’t end with the application submission. After you are awarded your GSA schedule, we set you up for success by providing you with:

  • eBuy / VSC registration and training
  • PO Portal registration and training
  • 72A reporting support
  • SIP upload
  • GSA Advantage training

We can also provide you with customized GSA services based on your needs.

These include GSA maintenance and GSA compliance support. Want to handle GSA on your own? That’s OK. We can provide you with training and consultation to ensure your company is on the right track.

Our success is not about us. It’s about our clients. It’s about the 58 clients we’ve helped get on the GSA schedule, and it’s about the $46 million in revenue that resulted from that.

As you consider your next steps regarding a GSA schedule, please review our White Paper on how to avoid GSA Schedule rejection.


Client Success Story

JetCo Solutions secured a GSA schedule for a security services company, then successfully modified it to expand to additional geographic regions and labor categories. Together, we have secured more than $32 million in public sector contract awards.