Merges with

Recently, merged with to become one system with an improved user experience. The updated was a collaborative effort between the IAE system users and stakeholders and expands beyond a registration system.

The merge between systems allows entities to register to do business with the federal government, search entity registrations, and find exclusion records, contract opportunities, assistance listings, wage determinations, and the federal hierarchy.

What exactly has changed with the new

  • Search. The new search function provides a better flow of information, as well as a more concise searching experience. Additionally, advanced filters, additional safety features, “Request a Role” features, and “Status Tracker” features have been added.
  • Your Workspace. The new Workspace on includes a customized dashboard displaying your roles, messages, activities, and profile. The management of data, entities, and roles are now held in one place.
  • Non-federal roles. In the new, the three non-federal roles are Viewer (previously entity registration viewer), Data Entry (previously entity registration representative or reporter), and Administrator (previously entity administrator). There are a few ways to obtain a role for Viewer, Data Entry, or Administrator: an existing entity administrator sends an invite or assigns a role, or individuals can request a role. Additionally, administrators have a new ability to invite a user to a role via email.
  • SCR and BioPreferred reporting. SCR or BioPreferred reports are now submitted in SCRs require contractors to report on all cost-reimbursement, time-and-materials, and labor hour service contracts and orders at or above the simplified acquisition threshold. Other changes include where reports are submitted on the website, and where an entity’s SCR and BioPreferred reports are viewed.
  • data. One of the main changes is the elimination of SFTP extracts. This includes Entity Management Public, Entity Management for Official Use Only (FOUO), Entity Management Sensitive, and Exclusions Public extracts. Another change is that current information in the Data Access area of has been moved to the Data Services area.

What is not changing with the update?

Although the design looks different, the data and the search filters have not changed. The entity registration process and requirements are the same, as well as registration data entry pages. Users can search exclusions or the Disaster Response Registry the same way, and no action from entities or users is required to migrate or access data.

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