The right tools, talent, and knowledge are required to win government contracts.

Simple. But without these resources, it’s not so simple. Government contracting opportunities are missed and bids are lost due to lack of intelligent data.

We can help. JetCo Solutions provides data-driven tools and resources to help you focus your government sales effort. We:

  • Invest over $30,000 annually in our bid search engines;
  • Use broad research to identify programs, target agencies, and competitors;
  • And use deep research to understand contract level or program level data, helping you bid intelligently.

We also don’t take competition lightly. We'll assess your competitors, ensuring you are ahead of the game. We are also loyal to our clients - we don't work with our clients' competitors. Hire us so your competitors cannot.

We hunt down information. We dig deeper. We help clients overcome information barriers. We take the “challenge accepted” approach when it comes to data. And we love it.

Data is useless if you don't use it right. We're here to help.

Our success is not about us. It's about our clients. JetCo Solutions clients have excellent capabilities, experience, and expertise in their industry. They are highly-qualified and come to us ready to bid competitively and develop customized, agency-centric solutions. If we don’t think you will be successful in government, expect us to tell you.

Learn more about JetCo Solutions' research services.

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