Common Trends During Federal Year-End Spend

The government fiscal year ends on September 30. Within the few weeks leading up to this date, 8.7% of federal government spending occurs. The federal government must use up its budget by the end of the fiscal year or they lose that money. This gives businesses ample opportunities to take advantage of year-end spend.

Common Trends During Year-End Spend

During the first quarter of the government fiscal year (which starts on October 1), it’s common to see an increase in procurement if there is an approved budget. It’s also common to see another uptick in government spending at the beginning of the second quarter, as well as the beginning of the third quarter. During the last quarter, sole-source awards and single-bid competitions increase, providing significant opportunities for government contractors.

RFQs and RFPs

During year-end spend, we see an increase in Request for Quote (RFPs) and Request for Proposal (RFPs) opportunities and shorter timelines for award. The awards for RFPs and RFQs are made sooner because the government wants to spend its budget before the end of the fiscal year.


Sole-sourcing is procurement by noncompetitive proposals, allowing for a proposal from only one source. During year-end spend, there is an increased value in sole-sourcing. In this short and quick purchasing period, businesses are not competing in an open market, allowing for a quicker purchase than a full RFP.

When sole-sourcing, a crucial resource is the contracting officer. They prioritize their main objectives for the year, so reaching out to them is vital. Based on your business type, contacting contracting officers can help you explore how your products and services can be vitalized during year-end spend.

To see if the government is buying what you’re selling, research the types of contracts available during year-end spend. This time of year is short, quick, and valuable. If you need help navigating the complexities of federal year-end spend and sole-sourcing, contact our team of experts today.

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