Employee Spotlight: Kate Dingeldey

This month's employee spotlight features Kate Dingeldey, Senior GSA Specialist at JetCo Solutions.

Kate Dingeldey

Tell me a little bit about what you currently do at JetCo Solutions.

As the Senior GSA Specialist, I help companies get on a GSA Schedule. GSA is a contracting vehicle for the government. In simple terms, it’s the Amazon of government. When companies get a GSA Schedule, it opens the doors to opportunities that aren’t on the open market.

Before you came to work at JetCo Solutions, what did you do?

Before joining the GSA department, I was a Research Specialist for JetCo Solutions. As a researcher, my job was to support capture by finding opportunities, incumbent information, and other information to help clients assess and win opportunities they pursued. As a researcher, I got to experience the different departments within JetCo Solutions. Even though GSA and research are separate departments, I got to apply my research knowledge to my current GSA role.

Kate Dingeldey

Are there certain aspects of your job that you are extremely passionate about?

I enjoy helping our small business clients. Often, small businesses don’t have the time or dedicated resources to do every part of government sales, and pursuing a GSA Schedule takes a lot of time. I get to help these clients and take projects off their plate.

If you could describe the JetCo Solutions team in one word, what would it be?


What makes JetCo Solutions different than other companies helping with government sales?

We’re a small business, and most of our clients are small businesses. We truly take the time to know our clients and their capabilities, which allows us to better assess and find opportunities for them. In the long-run, this maximizes our clients’ profits.

Do you have a favorite client story or client win? If so, what is it?

When I was working as a Research Specialist, I had a client who couldn’t find many opportunities. I went beyond the set-up search terms and found an opportunity with the State of Colorado. That client ended up winning the bid.

What is one piece of advice you would give someone who wants to pursue a GSA Schedule?

Before pursuing a GSA Schedule, do your due diligence and truly see if it is right for you. Some consulting companies want all their clients to get a GSA Schedule, even if it’s not right for the client. We’re not that type of company. We’re transparent with our clients and will let them know if a GSA Schedule is not right for them. We want our clients to be successful.

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