3 Reasons to Hire a Proposal Manager

There are many benefits for businesses who choose to participate in government sales. However, delving into such a competitive environment can be both time consuming and intimidating. This is especially true for business owners who are new to the industry. Hiring a proposal manager is an effective and beneficial investment when it comes to navigating the arena of contracts and proposal writing. Below, we evaluate three of the major reasons you should consider hiring a proposal manager for your government sales endeavors.

1. Saving Time

Time is always short, especially for small business owners. You have all the responsibilities of managing a business, so where do you find the time to also curate responses for government solicitations? JetCo’s bid cycle includes 23 steps that lead our clients to success when bidding on government contracts, however, we only require the client’s participation in seven. By hiring a proposal manager to handle the heavy lifting of drafting responses, you can guarantee the ability to balance time. This results in achieving success in government sales but maintaining the day-to-day of regular business.

2. Maintaining Your Business Identity

At JetCo, our proposal managers take the time to learn your business and the mission behind it, allowing us to write from your point of view and showcase the best qualities of your trade to the government. We get to know our clients personally, appreciating the ins and outs of your business so that each proposal is specific and curated to you. Hiring a proposal manager to aid your government sales endeavors does not mean that you must sacrifice personality or a unique approach. Proposal managers will work alongside you to understand what you want to put out into the world and make sure your voice remains clear and distinct.

3. Industry Knowledge

Proposal Managers have one goal, and the job title says it all: to manage your proposal from start to finish. Besides being time consuming, government sales can be downright intimidating. By hiring a proposal manager, your response will receive the attention required to be competitive in the government sphere without putting the stress on you to become an expert in the industry. We are the experts in evaluating the smallest details of a government contract, ensuring that no requirement or terminology is left unaddressed. Every detail counts in bid writing, and a proposal manager is dedicated to knowing the best tactics for screening solicitations, the etiquette of the industry, and the best language and format to advertise your capabilities.

The world of government sales can be an incredible addition to your success, however, the industry can be difficult and frustrating to navigate for many business owners. Between managing your time to handle additional government proposals, drafting high-quality and unique responses, and understanding the details of the industry itself, it can feel impossible. Hiring a proposal manager can allow you to maintain your day-to-day while still pursuing new and diverse federal opportunities to build your business. If you’re ready to hire a proposal manager, contact us. Our team has the knowledge and resources to help you succeed in government sales.

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