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B2G Sales: How to Decide If It’s Right for You

By The JetCo Solutions Team | February 1, 2013

The idea of selling to the government might be something you’ve thought about from time to time. Or, maybe you have decided you want to tackle the government market but still feel overwhelmed, and maybe even a little doubtful, about the prospect. That would be understandable, considering the size of the marketplace.

New Set-Aside Rules Benefit Women-Owned Contractors

By The JetCo Solutions Team | January 24, 2013

Amid all the lunacy and frustration surrounding federal budgets, the near-miss with the fiscal cliff and looming sequestration, there is a very bright spot, even a miracle, as one observer…


By The JetCo Solutions Team | October 2, 2012

We’ve had an outpouring of support for our wish list drive… we anticipate gathering a huge quantity of items for the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans. Today, we feel overwhelming gratitude…

Resolution for the New-Government-Year

By The JetCo Solutions Team | September 9, 2012

We are in the last month of the government fiscal year.  (The federal government and many state governments run on an October 1 – September 30 fiscal year.) For our team,…

Silly Season

By The JetCo Solutions Team | July 31, 2012

And this is also not a partisan post.  We have a bipartisan household and business, and quite frankly, we’re too smart to piss off clients with political jabber. Recently, the…

SAM Migration Update

By The JetCo Solutions Team | July 27, 2012

The federal government’s migration from CCR / ORCA to SAM (System for Award Management) is progressing.  This week, some CCR registrants could not log into their CCR profiles because Phase…

Supplier Diversity – SBA Grades Federal Agencies

By The JetCo Solutions Team | June 4, 2012

The Small Business Administration publishes an annual scorecard to grade federal agencies on their progress toward reaching small business procurement goals. They literally grade them. For example, the Department of…

SAM replacing CCR / ORCA

By The JetCo Solutions Team | June 4, 2012

The federal government is rolling out the System for Award Management (SAM), which will consolidate eight disparate federal procurement systems. This rollout was recently extended from May 29 to the…

Measurements — Pass Rates

By The JetCo Solutions Team | June 4, 2012

We measure everything; one of the important metric is our pass rate, which tells us how frequently clients bid on the opportunities we send them. Our collective average pass rate…