Employee Spotlight: Lauren Postma

This month's employee spotlight features Lauren Postma, Technical Writer at JetCo Solutions.

Lauren Postma

Tell me a little bit about what you currently do at JetCo Solutions.

As a proposal manager and technical writer, I work with our clients to write full bid responses to the government’s solicitations. I conduct meetings and interviews with our clients and their subject-matter experts to properly answer all questions within the bid and incorporate their company differentiators.

Before you came to work at JetCo Solutions, what did you do?

Before JetCo, I was working an internship at the CRCNA office here in Grand Rapids on their communications team where I wrote several articles for their website as well as for print in the Banner. Meanwhile, I also put in a few hours of volunteer work at SowHope, a non-profit to help women in developing countries by connecting them with local leaders to create local solutions.

Lauren Postma

Are there certain aspects of your job that you are extremely passionate about?

Getting to see businesses grow and take on bigger challenges has been a really great product to see.

What is one piece of advice you would give a company entering the world of government contracting?

Check all mandatory requirements, both for the work requested and for required past performance. You’d be surprised how many times I’ll bring up a requirement to the client and they had no idea about it. This can turn things into an intense crunch or even cause the opportunity to be passed.

If you could be any JetCo office dog, which one would you be and why?

Cyrus. He just gets to lie around all day without a single care in the world. I’ve never seen a dog so chill.

If you could describe the JetCo Solutions team in one word, what would it be?

Effervescent. Definition: vivacious and enthusiastic.

What makes JetCo Solutions different than other companies helping with government sales?

Being a small business, it’s easier for JetCo to understand our clients. We take the time to get to know their team, products, services, and every other part of their business. This familiarity helps us write killer proposals.

Do you have a favorite client story or client win? If so, what is it?

Probably the $132 million bid won by a client of ours who manufactures tooling and design solutions. This was their first-ever bid too, and winning on the first bid almost never happens.

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