Employee Spotlight: Chris McGann

Chris McGann
Chris McGann, Capture Manager

This month's employee spotlight features Chris McGann, Capture Manager at JetCo Solutions.

Tell me a little bit about what you do at JetCo Solutions.

Capture is the Government business development arm for our clients. In my role as Capture Specialist, I work to forge relationships with government contacts, program offices, and prime companies. I also facilitate the bid cycle process.

Before you came to work at JetCo Solutions, what did you do?

Before working at JetCo Solutions, I was in the U.S. Navy as a Search and Rescue Swimmer.

What makes JetCo Solutions different than other companies helping with government sales?

There are a couple of big differentiators. One is that we have a strong government contracting presence in the State of Michigan. Second is that we have a large team and our services span the entire government sales and marketing lifecycle.

Most companies who do what we do are a 1-2-person team. The benefit of working with us is that you can talk to 4-5 full-time people in our company who are all working for you. By having a 14-person team, the number of opportunities you see are vastly greater and we can give you more attention. Attention to detail is essential in government contracting and you must take the time to find and develop opportunities. Having a large team allows us to dig deeper and provide a variety of services to our clients, which include capture, research, proposal management and bid writing, and GSA.

Chris McGann
Chris McGann, Capture Manager

Are there certain aspects of your job that you are extremely passionate about?

I enjoy being able to use prior experience in the military to relate to multiple people in the industry. It also gives me a better understanding of how the government works.

If you could be any JetCo office dog, which one would you be and why?

Yami because she has the most personality. One day she’ll let you chase her around the office and the next day she’ll bark at you.

Yami, the JetCo Office Dog, with a Pinata
Yami with a pinata that was brought into the office.

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