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3 Tips to Help Navigate Your Business Through Tough Economic Times

By Vanessa Lansdale | April 1, 2020

Recent developments with COVID-19 have caused uncertainty for many businesses. But during this tough economic time, are you doing all you can to help your business thrive? Consider implementing the following items into your business strategy as you navigate these tough economic times. 1. Focus on your current customers and clients. According to a 2018 Forbes article…


Writing Client-Focused Government Proposals

By The JetCo Solutions Team | March 18, 2020

For many Contracting Officers, the proposals we submit are the first piece of contact these individuals have with our clients. When writing a proposal, we must adequately promote the goods and services that our clients provide, while showcasing the aspects that set our clients apart from other companies that are bidding. That’s why it’s important to make sure proposals are client-oriented in every aspect.


What to Expect from the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Rollout

By Tera Staten | March 16, 2020

If you are a contractor currently doing work with the government or considering it, you have likely heard about the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC). The CMMC is made up of five levels designed to help bolster security and safeguard sensitive data housed in the supply chain for organizations doing business with the federal government.

Employee Spotlight: Emily Ferrera

Employee Spotlight: Emily Ferrera

By Vanessa Lansdale | March 9, 2020

Tell me a little bit about what you currently do at JetCo Solutions.
As a Technical Writer, I curate proposals for clients to help with their government sales endeavors. This includes reviewing solicitations, drafting outlines, working with clients to make edits, and packaging the hard copy bids. Overall, it’s client relationship management mixed with technical writing.

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A Reflection on Leadership and Business Success

By Jessica Sweet | March 9, 2020

Having been a part of both large (Fortune 500) and small business, I found a couple of things to be true to every leader I have interacted with. Each one has a set of values, and those values are predicated on three things: ethics; self-confidence; and the ability to hire smarter, more talented, and actively more engaged people than themselves.

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What Does the President’s Fiscal 2021 Budget Request Mean for Government Contractors?

By Vanessa Lansdale | March 2, 2020

The release of the President’s fiscal 2021 budget request gives insight as to how government spending might look between different agencies from October 2020 – September 2021. From budget cuts to $1.1 billion for cybersecurity efforts, the fiscal 2021 budget request contains detailed information and gives a glimpse into future government spending. Let’s dive in.

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What You Need to Know About Debriefings for Government Contracting

By Alex Johnson | February 19, 2020

If your company wants to get serious about increasing government sales and winning bids with the federal government, you’ll want to be familiar with the debriefing process. Debriefing is one of the most important ways you can gather critical intelligence that will help you win contracts.

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3 Tips to Prevent GSA Schedule Contract Cancellation

By Kate Dingeldey | February 10, 2020

Are you in jeopardy of losing your GSA Schedule contract due to low sales? If so, GSA doesn’t necessarily want to cancel your contract. They understand that there are several reasons as to why you might have low sales. That’s why it’s important to take the time to put together a government sales plan.

Employee Spotlight Tera Staten

Employee Spotlight: Tera Staten

By Vanessa Lansdale | February 5, 2020

Employee Spotlight: Tera Staten This month’s employee spotlight features Tera Staten, Capture Manager at JetCo Solutions. Tell me a little bit about what you currently do at JetCo Solutions. As…