Exercise Northern Strike

Every year, JetCo Solutions attends events that are hosted by the Department of Defense (DoD) all around the world. These events are designed to not only discuss and formulate defense policies, strategies, and plans, but they also help us to build positive relationships within the military communities. Recently, we attended one such event: Exercise Northern Strike.

About Exercise Northern Strike

The Michigan National Guard hosts Exercise Northern Strike annually. It is a joint accredited military readiness exercise for several branches of the U.S., as well as foreign, military. It serves as a vital training ground for various units, where skills are honed to achieve optimal readiness. These training areas allow the National Guard to replicate future operating environments, offering integrated training across all domains; land, air, space, cyber and sea.

Northern Strike takes place at Michigan’s National All-Domain Warfighting Center (NADWC), which includes the Camp Grayling Joint Maneuver Training Center and the Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center. The next event will take place again this year from August 3rd until August 17th, 2024.

Opportunities with JetCo Solutions

At this exercise, JetCo Solutions had the opportunity to facilitate business opportunities with the Department of Defense service branches and the Michigan National Guard. As JetCo Solutions continues to attend important events such as Northern Strike, we are able to gain firsthand experience and insights into the current U.S. Military’s needs, challenges, and priorities.

JetCo participated in Focused Industry Technical Engagements and Soldier touchpoints, and had high visibility interactions with senior leaders and decision makers. The insights gained are shared with our clients who can support the warfighter with implementing low cost/low risk experimentation and integration.

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