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Every profession has a preferred, trusted source for continuing education programs. Even the somewhat obscure field of Business to Government (B2G) sales has its favorite. It’s called Shipley Associates (Shipley) and JetCo Solutions’ clients might not even know they are benefiting from it.  

What is Shipley?

Since 1972, Shipley has been recognized as a preeminent training organization for business development and proposal management professionals in the government industry. It has trained and certified thousands of professionals and its proven B2G sales approach has been adopted by defense contractors committed to growing their government revenue 

How does Shipley Benefit JetCo's Team?

When a client retains JetCo Solutions it gains access to Shipley trained professionals. We invest in Shipley training for all our Capture, Proposal Management, and Research team members. While many organizations may only make the investment to send team members to one or two trainings they deem relevant to their respective role, JetCo commits to sending our teams to cross-functional trainings that encompass the entire B2G sales cycle.  

With each training, our team experiences practical applications and realistic scenarios, rooted in Shipley’s 50+ years of experience. At the conclusion of each training program, participants leave with new, essential knowledge and an official Shipley certificate. JetCo team members hold several Shipley certifications, including Capturing New Business, Business Development Boot Camp, Writing and Managing Federal Proposals, POWERful Proposal Writing, and Pricing to Win. Covering all modalities puts our team in the unique position to fully understand our clients’ needs and how to best position them to be successful in the B2G space.  

JetCo’s commitment to continually expanding our team’s expertise in B2G sales has resulted in our clients winning over $6B across almost 300 federal, state, local, and educational government agencies in our 17-year history. The JetCo team is highly trained and certified, and always looking to learn new, innovative ways for our clients to win contracts from all levels of government.  

JetCo is a full-service, external government sales department for clients who need more resources to win with government. Contact us. 

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