Why Develop a Bid Asset Library?

To win contracts in any industry, companies must clearly articulate their differentiators and aptly define their capabilities. To win government contracts, however, the type of content that fulfills RFP/RFQ requirements is much more specialized.  

JetCo has read more government contracts than Oprah has self-help books. Seriously, we’ve read thousands of government contracts from hundreds of agencies. With our expertise and extensive knowledge of the requirements in those contracts, we have created a valid process to build Bid Asset Libraries for clients, in any industry, that are filled with the frequently required items for bid responses.  

What are Bid Asset Libraries?

Bid Asset Libraries are a collection of material and responses that are often requested in similar opportunities. These staples come in especially handy when responding to time sensitive RFPs/RFQs.  

JetCo gathers the client’s existing material even before the first opportunity is pursued. Through this audit phase we determine gaps and then craft materials that accurately represent the company or organization. Our writing team collaborates with our clients to organize assets and build content to effectively streamline proposals.  

Early development of assets and up-keep of the library prevents future scrambling for last-minute material, which could potentially affect quality. 

What's Contained in a Bid Asset Library?

Bid assets can include items such as a company’s capabilities, product specifications, white papers, resumes, past performance, certifications, commercial insurance, marketing, and graphic design specifications,  

How is the Library Maintained?

Libraries consistently grow and evolve over the course of our relationship with our client. Growth can occur through introducing new solutions, adding new staff to engage in projects, or through the revision of existing material, such as capabilities statements.   

Development and management of bid assets also allows a company to improve its marketing capabilities, with all asset material available for our clients to use when working with us or after the completion of a contract. 

At the end of the day, JetCo wants the best for our clients – starting with a comprehensive and manageable bid asset library. Our clients are the experts and have excellent capabilities and experience to offer. Moving towards success begins with asset development and management.  

JetCo is a full-service, external government sales department for clients who need more resources to win with government. Contact us. 

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