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Are Government Sales Right for You?

Deciding whether to sell to the government can be intimidating. In this 45-minute presentation, we’ll discuss how evidence-based research is the determining vote in your government sales decision. We’ll also cover how and where to find this evidence.

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The Dos and Don’ts of Quality Research

When looking at government bid opportunities, there is a lot to consider. Anyone using a relevant search engine could easily fall down a rabbit hole filled with unfamiliar terms and acronyms on sites such as GovWin and beta.SAM. As a Research Specialist at JetCo Solutions, I’m of the opinion that research is both an art AND a science.

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Case Study: Abrasives Manufacturing Company

A manufacturing company providing abrasive products and services came to JetCo Solutions needing assistance in consolidating data on multiple companies it had acquired and currently manages. This data was needed for the client to develop a strategy to approach government contracting and market their subsidiaries efficiently due to the wide range of skillsets and geographic locations of each entity.

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Competitor Profiling in Government Contracting

The world of government contracting is similar to a game of chess; a game we are exceptionally good at [government contracting, not chess]. When developing a strategy of whom to market to and how to do so, we identify competitors and study them extensively. This gives us the ability to better position our clients to write winning bid responses.

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Case Study: Architecture and Engineering Firm

A specialized architecture and engineering firm contacted JetCo Solutions to break into the world of government contracting. Wanting to further develop their partnerships, they needed guidance on qualified companies to develop professional connections with.

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Employee Spotlight: Alex Johnson

Tell me a little about what you currently do at JetCo Solutions.
As a Research Specialist, I support your company through every stage of the bidding process. My main priority is to be your matchmaker – I sift through the hundreds and thousands of open solicitations released by agencies daily and find those that match your capabilities and interests.

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