Case Study: Abrasives Manufacturing Company

Client Relationship Overview

A manufacturing company providing abrasive products and services came to JetCo Solutions needing assistance in consolidating data on multiple companies it had acquired and currently manages. This data was needed for the client to develop a strategy to approach government contracting and market their subsidiaries efficiently due to the wide range of skillsets and geographic locations of each entity.


The client had the capacity for government contracting through the multiple companies they had bought out and now oversee as the parent company. Due to this fast growth, the client needed assistance in organizing and collecting data on the capabilities, experience, and differentiators of each subsidiary. Using this data, they would be able to understand the structure these newly acquired assets would take as they moved forward in the government space.

The client needed JetCo Solutions’ research resources to create a comprehensive look at the data. By doing this, the client could effectively capitalize on its relationships with its new companies in different geographic locations to achieve a single strategy of government bidding.


JetCo Solutions’ Research Specialists consolidated data on each of the acquired companies, regarding their CAGE codes, NAICS codes, revenue data, number of employees, location, and specific products and services they provided. This data was then analyzed to ascertain the best method for the parent company to take when approaching:

  • Federal bids;
  • How to efficiently showcase their many acquired assets to the government;
  • And how to build their marketing profile for optimal success.


JetCo Solutions was able to develop a plan for action for the client that encompassed all of the additional companies under their name. We worked with the client to ascertain how they should build their government profile and market to the government with their unique company structure.

With a plan of action development and implemented, the client now has a strong pursuit of government contracts.

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