The Dos and Don’ts of Quality Research

When looking at government bid opportunities, there is a lot to consider. Anyone using a relevant search engine could easily fall down a rabbit hole filled with unfamiliar terms and acronyms on sites such as GovWin and beta.SAM. As a Research Specialist at JetCo Solutions, I’m of the opinion that research is both an art AND a science.

So, just how does our team make a difference for our clients? Here are a few of the dos and don’ts of quality research that we keep in mind during our government sales process.

  • Do: Know the client and the industry they represent. What product or services do they specifically offer? What opportunities are appropriate for them to pursue?
  • Don’t: Get discouraged if opportunities don’t readily appear. Our research team is always learning and adapting. This helps us find those hidden gems – the perfect opportunity for our client to sell to the government!
  • Do: Look for trends in the opportunities that appear. What is going in the world that is changing the nature or number of opportunities? Does our client know about these trends? If not, we steer them in the right direction and provide expert advice.
  • Don’t: Limit research to just North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes and keywords. Creative thinking is how we stay innovative.
  • Do: Learn from losses. Our clients may not win every opportunity, but every opportunity is a chance to learn and improve for the next bid.
  • Don’t: Think that just anyone can find the right government bid opportunities. Government contracting opportunities are often missed and bids are lost due to a lack of intelligent data. Our team provides data-driven tools and resources to help you focus your government sales efforts.

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