Competitor Profiling in Government Contracting

The world of government contracting is similar to a game of chess; a game we are exceptionally good at [government contracting, not chess]. When developing a strategy of whom to market to and how to do so, we identify competitors and study them extensively. This gives us the ability to better position our clients to write winning bid responses.

For each of our clients selling to the federal government, we conduct extensive research to identify which agencies will be the best to target. Our research team uses sophisticated search methods and robust search engines to gain insight into identifying these agencies. They pull data using a combination of North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes, Product Services Code (PSCs), and keywords.

When we pull data, we do it iteratively. Good data leads to questions and more research. This data allows us to examine agencies and contractors to identify who is winning and with what agencies. By filtering the results, we obtain a wealth of information that we assess and obsess over. In short: we can see who is winning with what agencies, under what contracting vehicles, when the contract expires, and who the contracting officer is (aka, our new best friend).

Knowing our competitors by name is important – but knowing their strengths and weaknesses is even more important. We learn about them – their claims, their perception of their own differentiators, their certifications, and their industry involvement. This helps shape our idea of where we need to build our client’s strengths so we can neutralize those factors when we compete against them or, if they’re big enough, how we can sell to them successfully and serve as an effective subcontractor.

Competitor profiling in government contracting can be done as a look back or a look forward. The information we glean is valuable no matter how it is processed. We are able to acquire better targets through research, which guides all capture efforts.

Selling to the government is hard – if it was simple, everyone would do it (and we wouldn’t have a niche). To find out how competitor profiling can work for you, give us a call. We’ll do what we do best so you can do the same.

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