Claire Kaufmann Joins JetCo Solutions as Proposal Manager

March 7, 2023

Claire Kauffman recently joined the JetCo Solutions team as a Proposal Manager. In this role, she collaborates with the capture team to manage, direct, and troubleshoot all proposal efforts with clients and then write those proposals. Additionally, she directs the creation and review of proposal strategies and themes.

RanDee Hartman Returns to JetCo Solutions as Proposal Team Lead

February 13, 2023

RanDee supervises a team of Proposal Managers and Technical Writers to perform proposal management and administration services for clients.

Riley Winchester Advances to Capture Manager at JetCo Solutions

February 8, 2023

Riley manages capture clients and works collaboratively with the research and proposal management teams at JetCo Solutions to develop comprehensive capture strategies.

Quinton Kichak Advances to Finance and Admin Manager

February 2, 2023

Quinton Kichak has transitioned from his position as Finance and Administration Assistant to Finance and Administration Manager at JetCo Solutions. In this role, he uses his previous experience to head financial and administrative projects. Quinton facilitates client onboarding, consulting agreements, and supports human resources.

Nick Howell Advances to Grant Writer at JetCo Solutions  

January 11, 2023

Nick Howell has transitioned from his position as the Research Team Lead to a Grant Writer in the Proposal Management department at JetCo Solutions. In this role, he uses his previous experience researching opportunities to now draft and edit grant proposals for clients. Nick writes grant proposals with the company’s mission and capabilities in mind for clients.

Josh Hart Joins JetCo Solutions as Research Specialist

October 21, 2022

Josh Hart joins the JetCo Solutions team as a Research Specialist. In this role, he uses his research and analytical skills to identify opportunities for clients to sell to the government. He also uses broad research to identify programs, target agencies, competitors while using in-depth research to understand contract-level or program-level data.