Jeff Hilliard Promoted to Research Lead at JetCo Solutions

Grand Rapids, MICH. (September 5, 2023) — JetCo Solutions, a Grand Rapids-based government sales and marketing organization, has promoted Jeff Hilliard to Research Lead.

Jeff Hilliard

Jeff Hilliard was promoted from his position as a Research Specialist to Research Lead at JetCo Solutions. In this role, he uses his previous experience to head the research team in its efforts to identify opportunities for clients to sell to the government. Jeff also uses his research and analytical skills and the industry’s top research platforms to identify programs, target agencies, and competitors using in-depth research to understand contract-level or program-level data.

Jeff started at JetCo Solutions as a Research Specialist where he worked with clients to find opportunities for clients to sell to the government. Prior to his roles at JetCo Solutions, Jeff served in customer service, marketing, and administrative roles. He holds a degree in Political Science from Eastern Michigan University.

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Jeff Hilliard Promoted Image

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