Case Study: Event Management Company

Client Relationship Overview

An event management company came to JetCo Solutions to help keep their incumbency on a government project. While they had a strong history with the agency, they needed help responding to the updated solicitation. Having worked with JetCo Solutions in the past, they trusted us to handle this expanded solicitation.


The government agency that issued the solicitation for this contract heavily modified the response requirements from previous years. The event management company didn’t have the resources to write such an in-depth response. As they had been the incumbent for the past decade, they needed to submit a strong proposal to the new requirements. Another challenge they faced was the sudden shutdowns that began during the writing process. With COVID-19 canceling events, they needed to have a mitigation plan in place for the event coming later in the year.


JetCo Solutions made a detailed and comprehensive outline of every aspect that needed to be addressed in the response and first pulled all the applicable information from the company’s past proposals. Our team reworked as much old content as possible and then conducted interviews with the company’s team to gather all remaining information. With pages of detailed notes, the proposal manager wrote up the technical proposal according to all solicitation guidelines.

As the pandemic caused a shutdown, both the company and JetCo Solutions agreed that a lengthy response was needed to accommodate necessary changes in how the event would be managed to keep the staff, special guests, and attendees safer. Through discussion and research, a plan was created and properly drafted to meet CDC health standards. Drafting the virus mitigation plan was vital to the company as they already watched some of their partners and competition vanish from the event management market.


Our proposal management team completed the response before the solicitation’s deadline thanks to the attentiveness and dedication of the client. Our written response fully articulated the company’s plan to handle all sects of event management while also keeping health and safety in mind for all parties involved. This response will also help the company in responding to future solicitations either by the same agency or others thanks to the details provided on their unique solutions and management plan.

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