Case Study: Temporary Wall Manufacturing Company

Client Relationship Overview

A temporary wall manufacturing and installation company came to JetCo Solutions after struggling to understand the GSA submission process on their own. Through careful vetting, this company decided on hiring us due to the breadth of our GSA services, their confidence in our government experience, and our Michigan-based location.


FEMA reached out to our client to see if they were interested in pursuing a contract to create temporary office facilities. The challenge, though, was that FEMA generally only contracted companies with a GSA contract. Our client understood that they needed to apply for a GSA Schedule as quickly as possible to avoid missing out on a strong, new business opportunity. They understood the need for an expert to ensure the proposal to obtain a GSA Schedule was done correctly and efficiently.


To successfully find the right GSA Schedule and identify the right Special Item Numbers (SIN) to pursue — which is usually where companies make mistakes and get rejected — JetCo Solutions was brought in early to take charge of the submission process. JetCo Solutions’ expert GSA team broke down the requirements of the solicitation, creating simple, systematic checklists to help with efficiently gathering all necessary assets. Every week, our GSA team met with the client to establish realistic goals and to increase the company’s overall knowledge of the GSA process. Due to the wide net of our client’s products, our team also educated the client on how to strategically target the various agencies they wanted to sell to.


With the client’s dedication and our team’s guidance, the client now efficiently sells their products through GSA. The company successfully obtained their GSA contract within three months and dove into GSA sales, meeting their 2-year GSA contract sales goal within the first month of holding their contract!

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