Case Study: Professional Security Services Company

Client Relationship Overview

A professional security services company hired us to assist them in securing a GSA schedule and expanding their government sales efforts. The company has an extremely strong infrastructure, a highly loyal customer base, and had been successful in winning public sector business at the local, state and federal levels of government. Due to their success, they were at capacity for additional capture and proposal management. They decided to focus their internal efforts on their core business and they chose to outsource government sales and marketing services to the JetCo team.


A successful relationship with a company already winning in the government space requires respect for past efforts throughout the expansion into new agencies. Existing marketing materials and past bid responses are helpful in development of content; however, the right communication regarding changes to content is critical.


JetCo’s GSA team worked collaboratively with the client to successfully develop and submit an application for a GSA Schedule. Once this schedule was received, JetCo worked with the client to manage the SIP file and develop eMods for expansion into additional states, working with the client strategically to understand their business plan for expansion.

On a parallel path, JetCo’s capture and proposal management teams developed an evidence-based capture plan, incorporating expiring contracts with targeted agencies. We built and modified a robust proposal library with intuitive infographics for customization and incorporation into bid responses.


Working together, we identified 137 bidding opportunities, narrowing our focus down to submissions on 22 bid responses across all levels of government.
Importantly, we have secured more than $16.7 million in contract awards with six local, state and federal agencies, working with the client to ensure the pipeline didn’t exceed capacity for implementation. At 71%, the client’s pass rate is higher than the collective average; however, this is due to them acting deliberately as they expand into new geographic areas.

“I cannot even begin to tell you how in love I am with this proposal. I am totally blown away and it’s amazing to read about my company written this way. It was so much fun to read. I’m so impressed with you.”

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