Case Study: Military and Tactical Gear Distributing Company

Client Relationship Overview

A military and tactical gear distributing company was looking to expand its business in the government sector but did not know where to start. After seeing JetCo Solutions’ consistent success in winning government contracts for clients, they came to us.


Due to the high demand of this client’s industry, agency-released solicitations often operate on short deadlines. This can result in businesses missing out on lucrative opportunities, because of time constraints or lack of resources, that they otherwise would have pursued. Prior to their time with JetCo Solutions, our client fell victim to this, often having to pass on opportunities due to time and resource restraints.


JetCo Solutions’ experience in government contracting assisted this client in understanding how to efficiently pursue government opportunities. Our experienced team knew that a centralized bid library would be crucial to meeting the high demand and short deadline bids that the client would be pursuing. Working with the client, our team curated an extensive bid library consisting of the client’s assets that could be referenced when pursuing bids. This bid library streamlined the bid cycle process for both the client and JetCo Solutions, allowing us to take on short turnaround bids as a team.


Since teaming with JetCo Solutions, the client has won numerous high-dollar government contracts in their industry. They have won contracts at the municipal and state levels, and many of these contracts operated on short deadlines. The client was able to meet these deadlines with the help of JetCo Solutions’ Proposal Management services, which has ultimately resulted in more contracts won for the client.

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