Case Study: Environmental Quality Company

Client Relationship Overview

A leading indoor environmental quality company hired us to support their government sales efforts. They had a strong business development team – led by an engaged, enthusiastic CEO – which had developed relationships with government facility end-users. They had an internal gap when it came to understanding the contracting / solicitation process with federal agencies, and with developing a cohesive bid response for complex bid opportunities. They chose to hire JetCo to collaborate with them and become part of their leadership team.


Working with an established government sales team requires sensitivity to the internal culture and respect for the existing working relationships. Because we were brought in by the CEO, we were cognizant of the long-term, loyal employee relationships. Cultivating these would be critical in obtaining the subject matter expertise required for successful bid responses.
While the client had a significant commercial past performance on similarly size projects, our biggest challenge in helping them expand in the government space would clearly be transferring these projects to fit the public sector. With contracting officers increasingly looking for similar state or federal contract experience, this would be a crucial step.


JetCo’s capture and proposal management teams met with the leadership team to understand their differentiators and their ideal solicitation size. Because this company is a certified SDVOSB company, we also identified opportunities to target for set-aside requests and worked with teaming partners for these. We worked with their in-house marketing manager to build an arsenal of outreach vehicles, and we developed a writing index and key response assets with their subject matter experts.

We built relationships with their leadership team, working individually with many of them to develop bid response assets and clearly valuing their opinions.


This client is highly selective regarding opportunities to pursue. We have a 73% conversion rate for wins, with $11.4 million in total contract wins, including two IDIQ contracts covering a 4 state region.
While not easily quantifiable, the most significant and rewarding result of working with this company is the strong relationship we have formed with their CEO and their leadership team. We are pleased to have clients with great integrity and business ethics, and we are proud to work with them and call them friends.

“And, our response along with the associated review is another testament to your writing ability – you make us all look good…”

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