Case Study: Engineering Services Company

Client Relationship Overview

An engineering services company hired us to assist them in building a professional relationship with the government. The company’s CEOs had previous experience with the government at another company but were unsure of how to enter the field with their new company. They came to us in their first year of business.


Because of their previous experience, they were skilled in the engineering field. They did not, however, have a lot of experience as a government contractor. They needed to grow both commercially and in the government sphere. By doing this, it would allow the company to build credibility and past performance, eventually leading to landing larger contracts. Building the company’s past performance would also “pre-vet” the company for government contracts since having a large repertoire of previous experience with the government showcases the company’s trustworthiness to future government agencies.


Through industry engagement and networking, JetCo Solutions was able to introduce this company to a program manager for the United States Combat Capabilities Development Command Ground Vehicle Systems Center, who released a contract opportunity. Using our expertise in contract mechanism, we were able to get the contract written as a Request for Information (RFI) and turned it into a direct contract award for our client.


The contract has a total value of $3 million over five years of work. It was awarded to our client just after the 2-year mark of our client being in business.

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