Case Study: Engineering and Manufacturing Firm

Client Relationship Overview

An engineering and manufacturing firm was looking to break into the government contracting business. After another metal tooling company told them about the successes they were having with JetCo, this company decided to take the plunge.


This client knew they had the skills, top-level team, and manufacturing capabilities to sell to the government; however they didn’t know how to break into the government contracting business. Being a small business, they didn’t have anyone in house that could dedicate the time needed to fully understand all the ins and outs of the industry.

They needed someone who had connections within the government and knew how to market to them. They needed the JetCo Solutions team.


JetCo’s capture team worked with the client to familiarize them with government procurement terms, procedures, and expectations as well as how to properly price out their services to be competitive in the market. JetCo’s proposal management team helped to properly developed proposal content that best highlighted the company’s strong capabilities and offerings to the government. Together, JetCo created all the assets needed to start competitively bidding on government contracts and break into the industry.


With this asset library built up, JetCo helped the client submit their first full proposal to the government. When the contracting office came back with an evaluation notice, JetCo worked to properly address and alleviate any concerns the government had with the client’s capabilities. JetCo stood by their side through the whole process, coordinating final pricing options to the Contracting Officer and providing any additional information they required. As a unified team, we successfully landed a contract for $132M for their first government contract win on their first submission!

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