Case Study: Control Systems Engineering Company

Client Relationship Overview

One of our engineering clients started their relationship with JetCo Solutions when we supported them in a high-visibility contract pursuit with the U.S. Army. The Army needed updated functionality for controllers in their 1,200+ Rough Terrain Cargo Handlers (RTCHs). The current large-company incumbent refused to modernize the equipment, placing the Army in the position to spend millions of dollars on replacement controllers that the incumbent developed.


Our client was pitted against a large competitor on a high-profile contract, which proved to be a challenge. Previously, our client had been used as a reference for federal engineering projects, being contacted by government personnel to gain industry knowledge and free consultation. JetCo Solutions recognized the opportunity for this small business client to be compensated for their knowledge and expertise, despite the competition being a large business and the current contract holder.


JetCo Solutions put in motion a plan for our engineering client to relieve the Army from the incumbent original equipment manufacturer (OEM) that was causing them undue expenses for replacement controllers. JetCo Solutions put the Army and our client in contact to discuss a course of action for controller modernization at a manageable budget, allowing the Army to avoid full replacement of all RTCH controllers.


Our client was so successful at analyzing, recreating, and perfecting the original OEM’s design, that after providing the Army with three to four sample RTCH controllers, they were officially brought on to manufacture them at a high scale. Since this gateway contract, this client has been successful in multiple Army endeavors, including projects for the development of technologies for the Army’s Rapid Expansion Bridge and Assault Breacher Vehicles.

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