Case Study: Construction Firm

Client Relationship Overview

A dynamic contracting and construction firm worked with the JetCo Solutions team to pursue government contracts. After several discussions, our team recommended that the client pursue a GSA Schedule for a chance at a wider market and new contract vehicle.


The client recognized their internal team’s lack of resources and time to take on this project. Knowing they needed in-depth knowledge to start and complete their GSA Schedule application, they brought on JetCo Solutions’ dedicated GSA team.


Our GSA team worked diligently alongside the client for the duration of the application process, ensuring all questions were answered and that the entire process was understood. JetCo Solutions’ GSA team completed and submitted the client’s GSA application, getting input from the client as needed throughout the process.

Unlike most firms that complete GSA work at submission, JetCo Solutions continues to work with clients after the GSA application submission. If needed, our team will continuously revise and rework the client’s GSA application until the contract is awarded.


After a few months of working together, JetCo Solutions secured a GSA Schedule for the client. The client now has a wider market and a new contract vehicle to provide their services to the government through.

Finding the right company to help you obtain your GSA Schedule is critical. GSA can be an intimidating and daunting task to get started. That’s why it’s important to work with a company that is knowledgeable and has extensive experience helping clients obtain their GSA Schedule.

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