4 Steps Toward a Proactive Pursuit of Government Sales

Anyone interested in doing business with the federal government can search for active opportunities on beta.SAM. But I have a confession to make: “wait and see” is not an effective strategy. The road to winning a government contract is long, and it begins long before a solicitation ever hits the street. When you respond to solicitations that you don’t see coming, it can leave you scrambling and proposing a less-than-optimal solution.

70% of contract wins happen when you start your capture strategy 12+ months before a solicitation is released. Developing a strategy to proactively target opportunities puts you in a better position to win, and overall benefits your future capture strategies.

So, how can you proactively pursue government sales?

  • Identify your product or service and prepare a capability statement with an emphasis on government work.
  • Identify your target customers and research their mission, programs, and requirements.
  • Review acquisition forecasts and conduct outreach to the appropriate points of contact.
  • Attend webinars, trade shows, and industry days. This is another excellent way to meet decision makers and stakeholders.
  • Implementing a proactive approach to your government sales strategy will help you learn what your customers needs, wants, and how they buy. Ultimately, your goal should be to help shape the requirements, giving you a competitive edge.

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