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When companies hire our team, they typically aren’t choosing between us and another consulting firm like ours. Instead, they are usually deciding to outsource for the first time, after having written their own bid responses and handled their own government capture in-house.

These companies ask great questions to vet our team and our process, and we like these discussions. Prospects that do their homework make better long-term clients. It also gives us a chance to highlight what sets us apart.

What resonates with most small businesses is that we are a sales organization and we measure everything. We set sales goals for clients and we report on our progress toward meeting them.

Since inception, we have secured over $6 billion in contract awards from more than 278 different government agencies.

JetCo Solutions operates uniquely and in a unique industry. We provide complete government sales and marketing services, while our primary competitors only focus on small pieces of this total pie. We know of no other company in Michigan which provides comprehensive, full lifecycle government sales services – from capture through proposal management and submission – at all levels of government.

Based on client feedback, our differentiators are significant.

  • We provide the entire lifecycle of government sales and marketing services – not just small pieces of it – for clients.
  • We invest over $30,000 annually in highly sophisticated and robust search engines for bidding opportunities and capture research.
  • We have a customized database to track opportunities, and we can report back to clients on significant success measures regarding their government sales efforts.
  • We measure everything. Most notably, we measure progress toward achieving government sales goals for each client.
  • We employ skilled technical writers who follow industry best practices to simplify the bid experience for clients.
  • Our GSA team efficiently works with clients, streamlining the application for them, and effectively securing a GSA Schedule for them.
  • Our capture process is iterative, methodical, and documented, resulting in appropriate, productive bid targeting.

If our clients are happy and winning, then we are doing our job.

“…at our kickoff meeting today on the data entry project a number of people from the State commented on the very high quality of our bid submission compared with many others they had seen.”

“…I just want to say that the detailed and methodical manner in which you prepared the response to the RFP is going to make preparation of the SOPs easier.  Thanks.”

“I cannot even begin to tell you how in love I am with this proposal.  I am totally blown away and it’s amazing to read about my company written this way.  It was so much fun to read.  I’m so impressed with you.”

“And, our response along with the associated review is another testament to your writing ability – you make us all look good…”

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