10 Advantages to Using Proactive Research in Your Government Sales Strategy

Whether you’re new to government contracting or are looking to become a federal government contractor, a government sales strategy is important in determining how your company should be selling to the government. Adding proactive research to this strategy can put your company at a competitive advantage, helping you win government contracts. There are many advantages to using proactive research in your government sales strategy, and we outline the benefits below.

Government Spend

1. Proactive research allows you to see who is buying in the government.

To competitively bid on contracts, you need to know who is buying your product or service. You wouldn’t try to sell your product to a government agency who doesn’t need it, right?

2. Proactive research allows you to see where the government is buying from.

Seeing who is buying your product or service goes hand-in-hand with knowing where the government is buying from. For example, shipping overseas can be a deal-breaker for some companies, or you may want to determine which areas have the highest spend in your industry.

3. Proactive research uncovers patterns or trends throughout the year.

For example, the 2021 fiscal budget request indicates that government spending may increase around cybersecurity and defense. By using proactive research and finding patterns in government spending, companies can capitalize on upcoming trends that align with their company’s strategy.

Competitor Information

4. Proactive research can get you a list of competitors.

Want to know where your company stands in the government marketplace? Proactive research can help.

5. Proactive research allows you to see who is winning contracts, and why they are winning.

Your main competitor may be winning contracts you want to bid on. Proactive research lets you see who is winning, why they’re winning, and how you can position yourself to win those contracts.

6. Proactive research can open doors to potential partnerships.

Your company may be expanding a product line, but you need a supplier to help manufacture those products. Proactive research can help you find capable companies to partner with, resulting in thriving businesses on both ends of the partnership.

Incumbent Contractor Information

7. Proactive research lets you find the most relevant price for the job.

This is critical. If you aren’t submitting the correct pricing in your proposals, you won’t win contracts with the government. Proactive research lets you determine the best price, helping you bid competitively.

8. Proactive research uncovers where you stand competitively.

An incumbent contractor is a business currently executing the bid that is up for grabs. Proactive research helps you determine if your company can be competitive with the incumbent contractor and if your time will be well-spent going after that contract.

Contact Information

9. Proactive research helps you find prime contractor company contacts.

Are you a small business wanting to work under a large company on a contract? Proactive research can help you find prime contractor company information, which can lead to potential teaming opportunities.

10. Proactive research helps you find Contracting Officer, government employees, and military personnel contacts.

Many times, the only way to obtain specific information is through the source itself. Contracting Officers, military personnel, and other government employees are a great source of information if you can get a hold of them. Pinpointing who has the information you need and finding their contact information is integral to proactive research.

Overall, proactive research is critical in government sales. If your company is not using proactive research, now is the time to start. It can be the step your company needs to take toward winning federal government contracts.

Don’t have the resources to support proactive research? JetCo Solutions has a dedicated research team that conducts proactive research daily. We can also provide your company with a Federal Focus Report, which helps determine where your company will succeed in the government marketplace. If you’re interested in our services or simply want to chat about where your company may fit in government contracting, send us a message. We’re here to help you succeed.

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