COVID-19 and Government Contractors

Though the recent developments with COVID-19 have caused uncertainty for many businesses, the government contracting industry remains strong. The government is still buying. In times like these, the government, now more than ever, needs capable companies to help with increased demand for critical products and services.

In addition to the budgets already allocated to agencies, the government has passed a $2 trillion stimulus package. The additional spending is reflected in the increased number of solicitations that the government is releasing.

Now is the time to sell to the government. JetCo Solutions has the resources you need to grow your business during this time. We have:

A Dedicated Team

Our business development (capture), research, GSA, and proposal management professionals are dedicated to helping your business succeed. Our team has worked with both small and large companies and we have the efficient processes in place to lead you through the government sales and marketing lifecycle.

Connections with the Department of Defense, federal agency officials, and prime contractors.

With 448 government agencies at the federal level alone, it's easy to lose focus and waste time. Using our connections and industry knowledge, we'll help you focus your government sales efforts and will help make connections to grow your business.

Government Contracting Expertise

Our team has over 500 contract wins from 279 different agencies, resulting in over $4 billion for our clients. Paired with over 50 years of government experience, we're ready to support your business.

Now more than ever, the government needs your help.

We're prepared to support your business. Whether you're ready to bid on contracts or want to learn more about where your company fits in the government contracting space, our team is equipped to provide expert guidance. Contact us and one of our team members will promptly respond.

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