3 Tips for Stellar Government Contract Proposal Responses

Before deciding to delve into the government bidding space, businesses should take the time to decide if they have the internal resources and materials to truly compete. While many businesses host a wide array of excellent products and services, the government often wants to see more from a company when they submit a proposal. Behind-the-scenes work is just as important as the item you’re selling, if not more. Contracting officers know this and make sure they implement questions about internal management plans, quality control, and staffing into the narrative response.

While every proposal response has its own specific set of requirements that must be addressed, management experience, quality control systems, resumes, and customer service infrastructures are just a few of the items that regularly appear on the checklist. Most businesses have these systems in place, but they might not be extensively documented or updated regularly.

Tip 1: Have recent and relevant company plans.

These plans are the key to showcasing your business’s ability to perform on a contract in a timely, effective, and professional manner. If you’re serious about government contracting, it’s good practice to dig into your files and start freshening up your business model.

Tip 2: Develop well-implemented quality control policies, reliable staffing plans, employee training plans, etc.

Having these on-hand can bolster your competitive edge in a proposal response.

Tip 3: Invest in the maintenance of industry certifications and have a well-organized asset library.

This can make or break a proposal response. It’s important to keep proof of your certifications and quality control documentation on file for easy submittal. You should create a schedule and designate individuals responsible for updating these formal systems so they are modernized and easy to discuss when requested by a solicitation response.

When responding to a Request for Proposal from the government, it’s important to remember that a top-tier product or service doesn’t sell itself: the capability of the company behind it does. Invest the time and energy into updating and curating your business plans and documentation to meet and exceed government expectations.

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